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Sustainable Fleet Management

Various independent studies show that fuel consumption and maintenance comprise up to 30% of the total cost of owning and operating a commercial vehicle. Both fuel consumption and maintenance expenses are severely impacted by driving behaviour.

The price of fuel has increased over the past 20 years by more than 80% and is likely to keep rising. In that context, we believe that empowering drivers to drive in a more eco-friendly way is the key to lowering your costs.

A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic. TomTom Telematics delivers information on the driving style, speed, carbon footprint and idle time of every vehicle you have on the road, straight to your PC. As part of your own green driving policy, you can set targets for each performance indicator and measure groups or individuals against them.

         Businesses need to have an eco-driving strategy in order to

  • Measure the relative performance of the drivers
  • Understand the variations in fuel consumption
  • Empower and motivate the drivers to adopt a safer and greener driving style

Sustainability Strategy

As a business, you need to reduce your carbon footprint. As an employer, you need to safeguard your employees. TomTom Telematics helps you do both. By monitoring and tracking driving styles across the fleet you can discourage behaviour that is both risky and costly to drivers and the environment.

TomTom Telematics gives you the insights you need to effectively execute your sustainability strategy


  1. Measure the performance of your drivers.
  2. Get insights how driving behaviour impacts fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  3. Empower and motivate your drivers to make a change in driving style by:
  • Providing professional eco-driving training and real-time feedback tools
  • Using navigation devices with live traffic information for efficient, stress-free driving and reduced mileage
  • Reward fuel-efficient driving and celebrate success
Empowering employees to adopt green and safe driving

WEBFLEET provides both the fleet manager and drivers with detailed driving behaviour information. Everyone is empowered to take action, before, during and after each trip. Therefore, you can keep your vehicles and your drivers green and safe..

Help to improve driving behaviour

We offer one of the most complete approaches to continuously improve your fleet’s driving performance. OptiDrive 360 allows your teams to learn, get coached, evaluate and compare on a wide set of driving performance indicators. Drivers get direct feedback and predictive driving advice while driving and WEBFLEET clearly presents the savings potential to the fleet manager.

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emission

Get real-time and historical insight into your fleet’s fuel consumption and emissions. Spot trends or anomalies with the fuel efficiency dashboard and compare performance over time with fuel and carbon reporting. Our LINK in-car devices retrieve the information from the vehicle and present it in WEBFLEET.

Keep your vehicles well-maintained

With WEBFLEET vehicle maintenance you’ll be notified if a vehicle has any defects and you can plan maintenance tasks based on real-time mileage information. WEBFLEET gives you the tools to closely monitor the service requirements of each vehicle, so you’re always informed about your fleet’s condition

OptiDrive 360

OptiDrive 360 is our complete approach to help drivers adapt a responsible driving style. It provides valuable insights to both the fleet manager and the driver – delivering direct feedback to drivers before, during and after their trip. Responsible driving helps you to lower fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums, reducing the total costs of vehicle ownership.

Web-Fleet and related hardware

WEBFLEET: SaaS Platform

TomTom WEBFLEET is an online application helping our customers to manage their fleet, 24 hours a day, from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Benefit from the flexibility of a web-based application with no software installation and IT costs to worry about.

Easy to use

The intuitive interface, clear structure and logically grouped features make WEBFLEET very easy to use. You can assign icons to different vehicle types, and get an overview of different groups of vehicles. The position of each vehicle is automatically updated on the map. You also get all maps and upgrades as and when you need them.


WEBFLEET has an excellent uptime record and can only be accessed through a secure online account using a personal ID and password. Granular permissions enable vehicles’ classification per type (passenger cars, lights vehicles & vans, trucks) and activity.

ISO 27001:2013 certification

TomTom Telematics’ fleet management service has achieved the certification, ensuring customers benefit from the highest levels of security, quality and availability. The certification was attained following an independent assessment by an internationally accredited auditing body, and confirms TomTom as a best-in-class provider of software as a service (SaaS) for fleet management.

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  • 99.99% uptime
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