All-Round Views

No blind-spots, 360° all-round, digital video on all your vehicles, no matter what size they are. Access video from any point in the past month, at any time.

Live Streaming

High-quality cameras, which can be discrete and well-hidden, while offering all-round high-definition video that you can access in live streams at any time.


While we offer tracking on vehicles, we also offer the option of full integration with WEBFLEET from TomTom Telematics: all the benefits of ICanProve.IT 2017, within your familiar WEBFLEET portal.


Automated tachograph data collection and analysis. Professional management and infringement reporting gives you an excellent overview through an easy-to-use cloud portal.


Video material, phone call recordings and completed insurance reports are all stored on a secure e-litigation platform, designed to be acceptable to law courts.

Simple To Use

Whether you choose to access video and other data through WEBFLEET or our own map-based interface, you will find our system very easy and intuitive to use.

  • High quality, HD, digital video cameras
  • All-round (full 360° with no blindspots) vision
  • On-board processing and mobile data connectivity
  • Safety-first driver support that accesses emergency services
  • Integration with insurance companies that expedites claim processing