Track your company vehicles & save like a Pro with Youtrack


Know where your company vehicles are 24/7

Through real time track & trace via gps technology


Save up to 20% on fuel & maintenance costs

By monitoring & analyzing driving behavior on any terrain


Easy integration with existing soft & hardware

For optimization across your whole business process


Cut driving time & optimize drop routes

With professional navigation with live traffic info


Improve service levels more efficiently

Through dynamic dispatching & easy driver communication


Easily comply with regulatory guidelines

Through mileage & work time registration & tachograph info download

Real-time vehicle tracking

See where your vehicles are – and whether they’re parked or on the move in realtime on a TomTom map. By identifying the nearest driver for a new assignment, you can impress your customers and minimise the time you spend on the road.

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GPS tracking benefits & savings

Our Company is the recognized leader in the GPS fleet management industry and our GPS Fleet Tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. We are committed to providing fleet operators everywhere with the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions.

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Improve your safety on the road

GPS tracking technology has come so far in the past few years. At GPS Vehicle Tracking System, our mandate is to keep on top of all the changing technology, so we can pass that knowledge to you – our valued customers. If you’re curious about GPS trackers, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer fleet tracking and vehicle tracking options, but we also have an entire line of personal GPS tracking devices available. Our line of GPS tracking devices is extensive, but we’re happy to help you find the best option for any vehicle that you want to track.

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